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Performance Analysis

We observe and interview all job roles to identify gaps and solutions in:

    • Process. Do processes exist? If yes, are they logical and do they flow seamlessly without gaps?
    • Work environment. Are clear expectations set? Do consequences support the desired work behavior? Is the physical work environment optimal? Are equipment, tools, and resources available and working properly? Is feedback given when employees meet expectations?
      • Performers. Can employees demonstrate the skills and knowledge to perform the job? Do they have the background and experience for the job?


      Organization and Performance Improvement

      • Performance scorecards. We create aligned scorecards at the organizational, department, and individual levels that identify, measure, and track results that mean the most to your business.
        • Pay for performance. We work with you to tie compensation to valued work performance to align impact with earning potential.

          • System and process documentation. We map and define systems and processes to identify disconnects, overlaps, and gaps.


          Custom Learning

          • Curriculum maps. We architect full curricula for job roles, using science (and our learners needs) to guide us in determining the most effective learning delivery and path.
            • Instructor-led workshops. We build live, interactive, real-world skills training.

              • E-learning. Our engaging e-learning courses are short, fun, and produce fluent results.

                • Performance support. Our performance-support tools put information into employees’ hands at the time they need it most.