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To learn more about The Bucklin Group, explore these articles and whitepapers written by our founder Dr. Barbara Bucklin.

Articles & Whitepapers


  •  Bucklin, B. R. Instructional Design Approach, whitepaper
  • Bucklin, B.R., Brown, J., & Conard, A. L. (2018). Increasing performance in the automotive industry through context-based learning. Performance Improvement Journal 59 (2),26-32.
    • Fante, R., Bucklin, B.R., Diener-Ludwig, L., Sundberg, D.B., Dickinson, A.M. (2016). A comparison of training methods on the acquisition of automotive product knowledge. Performance Improvement Quarterly 29 (3), 287-305
    • Bucklin, B.R. & Dickinson, A. M. (2001). Individual monetary incentives: A review of different arrangements between performance and pay. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 21(3), 45-137.
    • Bucklin, B. R., Dickinson, A. M., & Brethower, D. M. (2000). A comparison of the effects of fluency training and accuracy training on application and retention.  Performance Improvement Quarterly, 13, 140-163.

    Also, search for her articles as a contributing writer on BSCI21.org.

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